What happened?

One moment, I have everything I could ever want and life seems fine.
The next, everything goes to hell, it's been two days and I still have no clue what's happening.
I'm so close to just totally losing it unless someone tells me what the hell is going on.
For the love of God, someone enlighten me.

I was all shouting

I was over at the ice cream shop with Carlos and we were chillaxing to the sick beats of Bruce Springsteen and just totally hanging out and maxin' all cool.
It was stupid, and fat, and poppin' fresh.
We were wearing our slick wool vests and turtlenecks and sportin' some totally rad corduroy pants and doc martin's while we drank our rootbeer floats.
Then we got in the hot rod and cruised for chicks, Carlos has a cassette player. Hip, no?
And so in summary, this is what I think about when I wonder how my life could be any worse.
It is also, ironically, the total opposite of my current life.
And yes, it is the bad half of opposite. Nothing on this planet could compel me to wear corduroy or drink rootbeer, much less hang around an ice cream shop wearing a sweater-vest and a turtleneck with some guy named Carlos.
Now I feel really good about my life.
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Unnatural selection

I was over at Dan's for his birthday and consequently had one of the worst weekends in recent memory, aside from Greenacre(shudder).
First, I had to walk half a mile in pouring rain to buy him a present, an expensive, irritating, bothersome present in an obscure hobby shop on the edge of concord.
I had to wait there for an hour while my mother and my crazy, shack-living grandmother went looking for birkenstocks(stupid sandals).
Then we went and met Dan and his mom at the mall, Dan was waiting with his mom's friend who has an infant, so upon seeing them I naturally said, "Oh nice, you got a baby, now we can have our black mass next week!"
He didn't get it.
So then we went to Dan's house, and James and I sat downstairs and stared blankly at the wall while everyone else played videogames.
Then they came down and schooled us at risk.
Then they went back to videogames.
I did get to talk to Allison, for half an hour. Then Dan took away the phone and put it in his pocket for the rest fo the day.
So I went back to sitting across from James, who suffered a massive character shift and decided to tail me around for the rest of the day and bother me with incessant chatter about Xandra, and when I say incessant, I mean INCESSANT!
It was completely non-stop, just brutal, endless whining.
Anyway, we ordered pizza from domino's, we got five larges.
I got one slice.
We had cake, Dan cut it into quarters and I ended up having to finagle a piece out of Jon, and then I couldn't eat it anyway because it was like melted butter, with icing.
And no, Allison, that is not a good idea either.
Neither is the pie.
So then I spent the rest of the evening vaguely staring at things and not thinking.
The next day we were all supposed to go do the Crop Walk, which is some charity thing for starving people in Africa.
Well, Dan and Josh whimped out and pleaded their being really, really out of shape.
I said they were in shape, it was just the wrong one.
James had work, and Mike and Jon just ran off without an excuse.
I walked eight miles in 1 1/2 hours.
So in summary, Daniel is a lazy bastard, James is a spineless little whimperer who needs someone to provide him with an illusion of security, and Josh is just generally disagreeable in every possible way.
Mike and Jon, well...Allison, you remember when Jon called you, right?
Enough said, eh?
(bangs head on keyboard)
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Stupid, stupid people

I am so sick of bad relationship advice I didn't ask for.
I'm sick of people trying to pull information out of me with salad tongs.
I'm sick of people telling me I'm "too young."
I'm sick of people telling me "it won't last."
Or my personal favorite, "I don't want to see you get hurt."
Yeah, you didn't notice when I was jamming scissors into my arm for three years straight. That one slipped by you, eh?
Could've used some help then, but noooooo, cause you were all too busy with your shallow, heartless, conceited little worlds, you were so wrapped up in your bloody conceit bubbles that you couldn't hear me BLEEDING ON YOUR CARPET.
I passed off blood on the Kalmounis' carpet as ketchup, I lied and told people I just liked long shirts.
I didn't need their help then, I don't need it now.
I am not making a mistake.
I love Allison and that will not change.
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dum de dum

At the tech, fifteen minutes until nutrition lab starts.
If you can find a more boring subject then nutrition, tell me so I can kill everyone who teaches it.
And no, Allison, line dancing is not a subject.
I have a strong inclination to overwhelm the minds of my classmates with telepathic powers.
Now I just have to develop telepathic powers.
Stupid powers.
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(no subject)

Over at Dan's house,
he's playing bloody videogames(what else is new).
I'm sitting here thinking about world domination and other, more personal things...
I don't feel well, so I'll be off.
But remember, all who read this entry, the words of Micah(the Mad Prophet).
Never turn the blade of a friend upon them, for in doing so you kill your honor and yourself.
Never take a word in vain, for it will make fast your tongue with lies.
Never turn your back on one who needs your aid, for one day you may need theirs.
Love is a flower, water it or it will wither and die.
There are no bonds that cannot be broken by treachery.
Contrary to popular oppinion, the sword is mightier than the pen.
The ties that bind can also strangle.
For those of you who doubt magic, look to words, for what else can bind the hearts and minds of men so thouroughly as words?
Fate is what you make of it, there is no destiny, only zen and the path to enlightenment.
Make fast your eyes upon the source of light in your existence, and do not release your gaze.